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Writing is no easy task. Our editors and mentors are talented and experienced at what they do. We are dedicated to accompanying you on your journey from novice to published writer.

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Finding a Mentor

We match mentor with writers in any genre so that you can be sure that your mentor understands your work. Once matched, our writing mentors work closely with you in weekly sessions to build your craft, confidence, and career. Weekly sessions ensure that you maintain momentum and make rapid progress. Mentors tailor sessions to individual writer needs and so sessions may include writing exercises, story notes on your work in progress, narrative analysis, or deep-dives into craft.Beyond the weekly sessions, monthly All Writer calls connect you to your writing community and additional insights from other Working Title mentors.

Writing Mentoring

You want to write but are not sure where to start. Or you are writing but have difficulty writing consistently or with craft. Working Title mentors work with you weekly to develop your writing craft, encourage you on your writing journey, and provide accountability for you to meet your writing goals.

Manuscript Review

You have a complete draft but are not sure where to go from here. We can help by providing a thorough review and suggestions for revisions.